Jsp implicit object request

Jsp implicit object Request is used for getting the value from the UI controls in the JSP. Request object stores value in the form of HashMap. Step1:Create the jsp Create new jsp under folder webcontent with name survey.jsp Step2:Create the form with button Open survey.jsp. Create form with attribute action=”JEE/process.jsp” it means after we click on submit the data is…

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Jsp implicit object Config

jsp implicit Object config This is ServletConfig object associated with the page.It means the object and its value will be accessible within the same jsp page where it is defined. Web.xml(located in WebContent/Web-INF)

configdemo.jsp (located in WebContent folder)

Output Config Demo pageLevelValue If you have come this far it means you have enjoyed reading this article. Please comment…

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Jsp Implicit Object pageContext

pagecontext is mainly used for get/set/remove the value from the pageConext instance of class PageContext. We do not need to create this instance as it is created by the container it self for us. The pageContext comes with flexibility where you can specify scope explicitly for each stored entity. Scopes for the entity which is saved in pageContext are page…

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