Spring Boot +MVC+Jpa mini project

sample application using spring boot ,SpringMVC,JPA,HIbernate.

In previous tutorial you have seen how spring3 was intergrating jpa if you would like to revise again please http://www.shivapreals.tech/allpost/spring/spring-with-hibernate-jpa-integration/

Spring3 was great but it had some short coming.In Spring3 we were supposed to declare beans like data source,jpavendoradapter.

Benefits of Spring Boot:

  • It removes boiler plate code such as configuring database,datasource.
  • It comes with the embedded servlet container so you should not worrying about adding tomcat runtime environment and all.
  • If you are importing the dependency implies that you need H2 and you will access database using JPA so spring Boot will configure JPA and datasource automatically for you so that you don’t need to worry about configuration.Just focus on business requirement.

  • It will also create dispatcherservlet for you so this makes life really easy.

The below sample program took hardly 20 minutes and everything was up and running without any issues thanks to  spring boot.

This example is spring boot quick start tutorial for integrating mvc and jpa.

Spring boot mvc using jpa example

Folder structure

Create POM add dependancies

Create Model Task

Create TaskRepository for CRUD operation

Create Controller

Create Entry Point

Create View To insert task

Create View To Show Task

To get the neat and clear understanding I would recommend you to read Spring Boot In action

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