Jsp implicit object request

Jsp implicit object Request

is used for getting the value from the UI controls in the JSP. Request object stores value in the form of HashMap.

Step1:Create the jsp

Create new jsp under folder webcontent with name survey.jsp

Step2:Create the form with button

Open survey.jsp.
Create form with attribute

it means after we click on submit the data is wrapped in request object and sent to the process.jsp page

Http POST method used for sending the data.

Step3:Bind value of text box to get associated with jsp implicit object request

We need to bind value from the text box to request object so we create text box with attribute name.

Full Code of survey.jsp

Step4:Get value using implicit object request

Now it is time to get the value typed in textbox present in survey.jsp.
Do you remember we have given name attribute to the text box.

have a look.

Create jsp under WebContent folder.
Use the request.getParameter(“phoneModel”) to get value in the text box.


Step5:Execute on server

Run survey .jsp on tomcat server.



Thanks for answering survey request We got to know you use phone SHIV

congrats now you know how to use jsp implicit object request.

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