Count length of singly Linked List recursively

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How To Create Nested Class in java

InnerClass class A {             class B {                         public void print() {                                     System.out.println(“HI “);                         }             } } public class InnerClasses {             public static void main(String[] args) {                         A aObj=new A();                                                 A.B Read More

Tricky Sql Interview Questions

Sql Mostly used queries. 1.Views CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW passStudent ASSELECT StudentId,StudentNameFROM StudentWHERE result=pass 2.GroupBy ClauseStudent Tablecreate table student(studId number(5),studName varchar2(10),marks number(3));   insert into student values(1,’sur’,30);    insert into student values(2,’jit’,65);  alter table student add(collegeId number(3)); SQL> update student set collegeId=1 where studId=1;    SQL> update student set collegeId=2 where studId=2;  SQL> insert into student values(3,’ramesh’,45,1);    Question select collegeId,count(collegeId) from student group by collegeId;                           COLLEGEID COUNT(COLLEGEID)       Read More