Chapter1 Installation of angular4 quickstart

This tutorial will make your life easier as it describes the most easiest way to get started with Angular4.Please note that if you are struggling to install angular4 on your system this tutorial will help you a lot.Make sure you are using nodejs version 8.1.0.

Use NVM if you wish to use more than one nodejs versions for your work.

  1. INstall nvm using CURL or get it from Git with this link project’s GitHub page.

    Run nvm script using below command

    The installation will take place in directory ~/.nvm. It will also modify and append necessary lines inĀ  ~/.profile file .

    To get nvm thing working login out and login againor point to the .profile file using below command

  2. To get list of all installed nodejs versions

  3. Install nodejs 8.1.0 version which is mandate for angular4 using the below command.

  4. Make node8 your default version by using below command

  5. Now to set Node8 as default version use below command.

  6. Verify if version is set to 8.1.0

Version should be 8.1.0

go to the drive other than primary drive in case i am using secondary drive.
install angular cli using below command.


Now create angular app skeleton using command line interface type below command.

If you get error angular cli is not properly installed.then please paste below command in terminal.

again use

I wish you good luck for learning Angular4.Angular4 is latest one and very few nice tutorials are available online.Best way to learn the cutting edge technologies is old school method i.e books.I would strongly recommend to quickly grasp angular using

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