Jsp implicit object Config

jsp implicit Object config This is ServletConfig object associated with the page.It means the object and its value will be accessible within the same jsp page where it is defined. Web.xml(located in WebContent/Web-INF)

configdemo.jsp (located in WebContent folder)

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Jsp implicit Object response

jsp implicit object response object is the instance of the class HttpServletResponse class.The HttpServletResponse class implements interface javax.servlet.ServletResponse. Jsp implicit object response Methods: response.getWriter().println(“print something n jsp page”); this getWriter() method gives you writer which has print() to print the Read More

Spring with hibernate jpa integration

Spring with hibernate jpa integration Folder Structure Download required Jars Jars Spring1.xml Folder Location:SpringCore/src/spring1.xml

Writing the Dao Layer with entitymanager and hibernate Folder Location:SpringCore/src/com/dao/StudentDao.java

Service for invoking the dao layer Folder Location:SpringCore/src/com/service/StudentService.java

Entity class Folder Location:SpringCore/src/com/model/Student.java

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