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Count length of singly Linked List recursively

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Graph using adjacency matrix in java

Graph using adjancy matrix in java The program in java it adds edges and checks if edge exist between specified vertices.

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Stack Implementation in java

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How to navigate to other page Navigation tutorial-ionic2 and angular4

How to navigate to other page Navigation tutorial-ionic2 and angular4 While developing some app you most frequently have the requirement to navigate back and forth between the views. In ionic the NavController from ‘ionic-angular’ comes handy.

this.navCtrl.push method accepts page where you wish to navigate. About.html

<button ion-button> directive is used in ionic to create button. click event is…

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How to iterate items in ionic2 with angular4 tutorial

Hi Everybody,Ever dreamed of developing mobile app on your own.So good news for you is you can develop mobile app if you know little bit of angular.So today we are going to iterate list of items using ionic2 and angular4. Please have a look at below code.It is self explanatory.  

Live Example

Map Java Collection Tutorial

Map Stores values in key and value. map does not allow duplicate key. only one null key but any number of null values To synchronize the Map use. Collections.synchronizedMap(yourMapObject) Hashmap Hashmap allows random storage sequence is not maintained. Stores values in key and value. Hashmap is not synchronized. Collections.synchronizedHashset Hashmap does not allow duplicate key. Hashmap allows only one null…

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Java Collection -Set

<I>Set does not contain duplicates. randomly stores elements. does not permits null elements. How to make your list synchronised? Collections.synchronizedSet(yourSetObject) Classes  <C>TreeSet Sorts element by natural order. rest of the properties are same as specified by interface Set Internally it is implemented using the TreeMap.        Main purpose is for sorting the stores elements.        …

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Doubly Linked list in java

Doubly Linked List Tutorial in Java

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Singly Linked List using java.

Singly Linked list using java Singly Linked List is created for adding the elements one after another where each Node is linked to the other Node sequentially. The operations covered in this post are      Append to the end      Add in the middle of linked list. Append to the end How we are going to create linked…

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Files Read by Multiple Thread

How to read each file on separate thread. Step 1:Get List of all files in the specified folder

    Step 2:Create Class which will display contents of file and implements runnable. Note that I have created constructor to pass the filelocation to the thread,

  Now read file logic will only read contents of file using java8…

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